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Amber is a fossil resin derived from extinct coniferous trees which once grew where today is the bottom of the Baltic Sea (amber holds a mystery of 45 million years!!!). Poland remains the world's most important centre for amber products. Amber is found on the Baltic Sea beaches and excavated in an amber mine.

Experts consider Polish amber the most beautiful, and its popularity is the result of reasonable prices and the excellent quality of the articles made of it. Amber's uniqueness was discovered long ago; the G r e e k s n a m e d i t " electron" due to its power and magic properties. The Romans traveled throughout the whole Europe to acquire it.

The famous Amber Route ran from the Baltic Sea and through Silesia, modern-day Hungary to the Roman Empire. Amber was very important in the history of Poland. It was treasured as a gem for making art objects, jewellery, and amulets for warding off evil spirits. At one time amber was so precious that it was available only to nobility.

Amber, fossilized sap from conifers, sometimes contains parts of plants, trapped insects (or other long-extinct creature), fossil leaves, drops of water or sand grains. There are more than four hundred shades of amber. In its various shades usually yellow, sometimes brown, milky or red, reddish, black, rarely green, it is always beautiful when it picks up the rays of the sun.

The most en vogue is the colour of cognac. It's also fashionable to put several colours together or combine amber with silver elements. Apart from the indisputable beauty of the coloured amber, i t i s worthwhile stressing its positive influence upon the human body. It is known that it emits negative ions, which are very advantageous for us. They also have anti-viral and anti - bacterial properties.

The amber infusion is made by steeping small pieces of amber in alcohol in a crystal jar. It reduces symptoms of sore throat and after massaging it on to the neck for 2-3 weeks, it eliminates illnesses of the heart muscles. Amber has got, too, anti - cancer properties. That is why it is recommended to wear amber collars and bracelets of various - shapes, in which sun rays can refract and enter the body through the skin.



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